Sunday, May 16, 2010

modern life as it is

The passing of the kings and queens and the flow of the jester’s

As the town drunk is found in the corner of a bar

This simple life remains to flow through the continuum of time

But nothing is found in this land, nothing I can call mine

As I wonder through the vast valley of the un-forgiven

The kings and queens live high above the pain a treachery of which is modern life

Deep in the valleys of hell I stand

Those that here my cry’s

Are those of my keepers

The ones who use an manipulate the very existence of my time

But one day I shall receive a chance to change my stars

To proclaim the life I have worked so hard to deserve

But there is a price I must pay is that of my soul to the king and queens

Of this modern day.

By Angus McCollam

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